A new component of Lambda Aquarii(SAO146362) found by occultation observation

Kazuhisa Miyahsita

1 Oct 2007

Kunio Kenmotsu (Okayama, Japan) observed SAO146362 (lambda Aquarii) by video. When plaing back the video tape, he found a faint star appeared 0.9 second before the appearance of main component. He sent me a .CSV file analyzed by Limovie.

Time of phenomenon:

Companion:13h 25m 57.84s +/- 2Fr JST

Main star:13h 25m 58.76s +/- 1Fr JST

Observation site:

Lat. 133o44' 52.6” (JGD2000)

Long. 34O41' 40.3”
Height 53


Telescope: VIXEN VC200L ap:200mm fl:1800mm
Video camera: Watec 902H2



Shutter speed: 8(1/60`1/100000)

Gamma: OFF

Time equipment: GHS clock + TIVi

I confirmed the star is double by investigation using half flux diameter function by Limovie. The details are mentioned here:

Half Flux Diameter -Applicate to determination for faint star event-

It is considered that the detection of component is sure.

The radial velocity is 0.499arcsec/second then it is considered the component is distance 0.46arcsec from main star in direction to perpendicular to lunar limb.

The magnitude of component is difficult to measure because the pixels of main star are saturated. Below is a rough estimation of component's magnitude.

The main star is known as a variable star. If the main star is 3.7 mag., then the component is 8.2 mag. or fainter.