Double star confirmation for SAO98213 - Not confirmed.

Kazuhisa Miyashita (JCLO)

SAO98213(=XZ13531) is double star registered as A 2553 in WDC(Washington double star catalog). A lunar occultation event(reappearance) of this star was observed by M.Ishida in Nov.18. Ishida-san kindly sent me an .avi file records this event. I analyzed the tape with Limovie. However any characteristic of double star was not detected in that video. The position angle of component and the line of lunar limb are in almost same direction (308 and 329 degree). It is inferred from above that these stars appeared almost at the same time.

Fig.1 Reappearance of SAO98213 (Analyzing with Limovie)
Rectangle background region is suitable for analyzing the earth shined lunar limb.)

Fig.2 Light curve of the occultation event