Time stamp of KIWI-OSD become readable.

Limovie 0.9.26f has been released.

Sep.09 2007

The newest version can be downloaded from .. Limovie Ver.0.9.26f

Fixed Bug

Incorrect value obtained in the case of duplicate two measurement regions.

Previous version from 0.9.25 to 0.9.26e have a bug that generates incorrect value when two measurement regions are overlapped.

Please use this version to measure correctly.

New feasures

1. Reading KIWI-OSD time stamp

(1) Reading function and video intensity setting in KIWI.

This version is able to read KIWI- OSD's time stamp. The video format NTSC and PAL are readable, and also the image format of 720 pixels and 640 pixels width are readable.

When KIWI-OSD check box (under the result display area) is checked , Limovie read the time stamp automatically. If KIWI time display box is empty, the time stamp may be indistinct. It will become readable by adjusting threshold of time signal detection.

If you have a video with faint stamps, and it is not easy to read by watching computer display with naked eye, Limovie's function will not be able to read correctly. In such a case, set video intensity using potentiometer inside the KIWI-BOX as per the manual.


The potentiometer of my KIWI-OSD set minimum as default. When the pot was turned 90 degrees clockwise, Limovie became reading the numerals correctly. The video intensity setting should be done least.

(2) Setting field order

Different time is obtained due to the field order. Relation of the exposure time with displayed time by KIWI is explained in Gerhard Dangl's web site:


Limovie's Field-Show-function displays two fields into each split image. The upper area is Even field and lower area is Odd field. The DV camcorder(NTSC) always records Odd-field at first and next record Even-field. Therefore it should be set the field order at “Odd-first”. A result of this function is below.

(3) An example of reducing.

(4) TIVi's time is readable

TIVi is a time inserter produced by Tsutomu Hayamizu in Japan. This version(0.9.26f) have a function to read TIVi's time by the same way as reading KIWI's time.

If you want to obtain from the other inserter (with the exception of KIWI and TIVi) , uncheck the KIWI checkbox .

2. New Filter for 3D-Graph is added

"Moving average filter" was added.

This filter works for smoothing the graph to look easily the 3D star profile by averaging pixels.

The name 'Moving' means all pixels in a frame(in a 3D-viewing area) are treated. Note: This word "Moving average" doesn't mean averaging several frames.

Left : Filter OFF , Rhight : Moving average filter ON

The slide bar in the central of control area is function of changing vertical size.

3. Ackowledgement

Many thanks to..

Dave Gault had sent me some video files recorded with PAL format in two years ago. I could study the shape of KIWI-OSD's numerals and made the prototype of this function by analyzing Dave's video. Brad Timerson, Tony George, W.C.Yue and Gerhard Dangl checked and tested the beta version of this program , and gave many helpful information to me.

Tony George and Bob Anderson found a bug that generages incorrect measurement value in previous version and inform to me. Ver 0.9.26f is complete to fix the critical bug.

It is entirely thanks to them that I had completed this version.