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Limovie    Light  Measurement tool for  Occultation observation used  VIdeo r Ecorder. 

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About Limovie

Recent ten years, the high sensitivity CCD video cameras came to be used widely for occultation observation, Video observation can be made with easy operation and it is suitable for mobile observation. Additionally it has 0.01-0.02 second timing accuracy on obtaining event time.
Limovie measures the brightness on each video frame. And it records a series of light change of the target star on the occultation event, and it outputs a graph of light curve. It makes the observation more accurate and objective.
In most event of occultation, the light change is instantaneously. However, some slow change of star's brightness can be seen on grazing event. Because when the direction of the target star's motion is nearly parallel to lunar's (or asteroid's) limb, the edge of shadow which has diffraction-slope moves with relatively slow speed. The slow light change is also made by mutual event of satellites of Jupiter. Limovie can measure those events with high accuracy to study the accurate astrometrical position. The most recent application of this program is double star analysis. The estimation of the magnitude difference between the double star's components is possible to be made by using Limovie's light measurement. Since 2005 when the first version was pruduced, this software has been used for various astronomical analysis as follows.

1. Analyzing accurate event time on Lunar and Asteroidal occultation

2. The relation between exposure of video camera and inserter's time stamp

3. The position and magnitude of double star components.

4. Discovery of a new component of double star.

5. Investigation of the shape and sizes of Lunar and asteroids.

6. Detection the small drop of brightness on asteroidal occultation.

7. Planet occults its satellite. and Mutual event of Jupiter's satellite.

User's manual:

User's manual of Limovie

This program is:

Compiled by Delphi 6 (Embarcadero technology).
Used the component of TGKAVI to read .avi file with VideoForWindows. (Thanks for Kanta Watanabe.)